Thu. Nov 14th, 2019


Dubai, UAE

How internet has transformed our lives?

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Imagine living in a hill station which would have greenery, fresh fruits,  vegetables,  pure milk and fresh air to eat,  drink and breathe,  but it has not internet connection. Would you like to go there?  Would you prefer location  fresh air and green location over internet because it has given what others are unable to give. It s transformed your life completely. It has given you that comfort and relaxation which no one has given you. It has confused your world to social media and applications where you can meet different people and interact with them. The internet has been giving you a lot of comfort. It can switch off and on your Bluetooth fans and lights. Moreover, you can clean your home by using Google Assistant and Alexa. That’s the reason why everyone looks for du internet plans now!

Internet changed the dynamics of our surroundings. It was a time when you had to go out to fiend employment. Now you need to send your resume on email address of the company. Moreover, there are also opportunities to work from home and earn lots of money like content writers,  software designers and graphic designers.

Besides connection and employment, internet has made us addicted to information. It gives a lot of information within minutes and seconds about public, places and updates about the world. This information consumption is very important now. It consumption decides the rate of success of a human. Little consumption would result in slow progress and more consumption would result in greater progress. And everyone loves success and achievements.

Fourthly, internet has made the world cheap. Now you can talk,  buy and avail services for cheap. This affordability has made us addicted to materialism and artificiality.

Internet is hub of information and benefits. It is another globe within the globe that has some benefits but a lot of disadvantages, but to survive in this world,  we need to use and then make a plan to change this place into something better place to live in. But for now we need to look for du home internet plans, use them and fill our minds and cupboards with different informational pieces to become a productive human. World needs productive humans who can think differently and positively which would be mixed up with colours and creativity.