January 17, 2021


Dubai, UAE

eight major types of photo booth

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Whether you are living in America or China, everyone loves to click pictures and selfies. After all,  it ensures them that they are looking perfectly fine. That’s the reason why there are more photos than documents in phone.

In the field of photos and photography,  an innovation has taken place few years back which is known as photo booth.

Photo booth is that breakthrough which consist of vending machine thus vending machine has such applications and machines that can click the picture of a person who is standing in the booth, a setup in which people are stood to pose. This setup is the actual photo booth because vending machine is same in all booths . What’s different is the setup in which people stand to get pictures of themselves.

There are different kinds of photo booth but eight of them are must-try.  These eight photo booth are:

  1. Old School photo booth: It is a photo booth that have such curtains and panels that can give childish school or school-ging kids that love to pose.
  2. GIF maker: This photo booth can combine your picture to create GIF for your social media account.
  3. 360 degree photo booth: This photo booth can give you picture that are captured by machine from different angles.
  4. Open air photo booth: This can let you to pose in open environment. The pictures can be made A-one by vending machines that can enhance the picture by changing it’s features.
  5. Mirror photo booth: It can let you to get photos while standing in front of full length mirror that has camera behind it which capture the pictures.
  6. Augmented reality photo booth: It can create your virtual image on display screen which you can control via hand gestures.
  7. Cartoon photo booth: This photo booth can insert cartoon character in your photos to make them funny and eye-gluing.
  8. Green screen photo booth: It can change the background too much. It can insert any known place in the picture.

So these are top eight photo booth which you should try with your friends. You can try one of them every month or week to brighten up your life. You can find more information about different booths from internet, another globe.

Hope, this piece has helped you to know about all about photo booth.