January 17, 2021


Dubai, UAE

7 benefits of solid-surface kitchen counters

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Corian, Dubai offers effective quality surface materials to shape your kitchens with the perfect choice of countertops and tabletops based on your requirements and budget needs.

Choosing the right kitchen counter can be a daunting task since it requires researching the right kind of material for your kitchen while keeping the price and quality in mind.

Solid surface kitchen counters offer several benefits to the buyers and the users because of the reliable material and quality touch. Therefore, many buyers prefer them over ceramic tile and other laminates.

That’s why we have come up with a list of 7 benefits of solid-surface kitchen counters to help you understand their importance and value in our lives.

Look at the list here.

1. Environment-Friendly

Kitchen counter with a solid surface prevents the growth of bacteria and keeps the kitchen environment-friendly for the users. Whether it’s a hospital, office or homes, they are safe for keeping all types of food on the counter.

2. Heat and Stain Resistant

Most solid surfaces are heat and stain-resistant because of the material. Using the right cleaning tools enable the counters to stay clean and scratch-free while a hot pad can help in holding the hot objects on the surface of the counters.

3. Low Maintenance

You can easily remove any unwanted scratches and small chips through light sanding. For cracks, you can also hire a professional repairman but overall they require less maintenance since they are easy to repair and last longer.

4. Seamless Properties

They appear seamless because of the material and its properties. Solid-surface kitchen counters have almost invisible surfaces that offer an amazing touch and feel that keeps all the dirt and bacteria away.

5. Recycling and Repainting

They can be easily recycled or reused because of the surface material. Also, they don’t require refinishing or repainting as they can easily be fixed with the help of wipes and a cleaner.

6. Aesthetic Appeal

Solid-surface kitchen tops come with a variety of colors ranging from solid to the elegant ones They offer a great aesthetic appeal to the kitchens and the users because they have all the properties and features to catch the attention of the people.

7. Weather-Friendly

Also, any change in weather doesn’t impact the surface of the kitchen counters because of the solid material that is weather-friendly and easy to repair.